I came across this video of an EAGALA trainer discussing a very interesting case; while doing an assignment for my Equine Assisted Therapy class, and it is just too powerful not to share.
For anyone who has experienced work with equines in therapeutic settings, there is likely little surprise that Twister was so incredibly attuned to what was going on under the surface.  I have myself witnessed this kind of awareness and understanding first hand in mock sessions and I have also been "called out" by horses on several occasions when I am feeling things under the surface that I am not being open about, most notably when I am feeling anxious or unsure of myself. 
I am sharing this video here as a follow up to my last blog post and to further illustrate just how incredible Equine Assisted Mental Health Services truly are. 

**Trigger Warning: a discussion of abuse does take place, please watch mindfully**

If you are interested in reading more case studies, you can purchase EAGALA's book "Transforming Therapy through Horses"