Lauren Snyder

There has never been a very clear and easy way for me to describe myself.  I grew up on the outskirts of Ojai, CA; a small town rich with energy and magic.  Known currently as an artsy eclectic retreat for wealthy city dwellers; it has always been, in my heart, the Beloved homeland of the Chumash people.  The history, the power, and the majesty of the land here, as seen through their eyes, is what has always had the most meaning to me.

In those early years, I felt this undeniable connection to the earth, the unseen, and the seemingly inexplicable.  I spent lifetimes lost in my imagination, trying to reconnect to the earth, its plants and animals, and its Spirit; as the original inhabitants of the land once had. 

Growing up, my interests always extended into things like art, poetry, writing, reading, being outdoors, animals, music, and dance…the kinds of things that fostered humanity’s innate sense of expression and connection.   My emotions were often much bigger than my tiny body could carry and I spent a great deal of my youth learning to navigate an existence that seemed much larger than me.

It wasn’t until I began a regular Yoga practice, received my first Reiki sessions, and started reading books about Animal Assisted Therapy, Music Therapy, and Art Therapy in my teenage years that I fully opened my heart to that sense of connectedness that I had been searching for.  

As an adult, I have now gathered the training and skill sets to begin to use all of that experience to support and nurture people through compassionate healing work; that helps lead them back to that sense of earthly connection and spiritual expression.  And, while I hold certifications in various healing work, I find myself ever the student; continuing to grow and expand alongside my clients.  I know my journey as a student will continue until the day I die; but there came a point when it was finally time to begin to share my gifts with the world…and so here I am. 

Thank you for allowing me to walk humbly beside you on your own healing journey. 


With deep love and gratitude,

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200 Hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) - Certified Reiki Master - C.A.A.T.P. (Certified Animal Assisted Therapy Professional)